Galaxy e-Publishing Services, a typesetting company, is aimed to provide quality services to the worldwide publishers; therefore, meeting the customer requirements and delivering quality products on time and every time cost effectively. The company was started in 2012 and we are working in the areas like XML, copyediting, graphics designing, pagination and quality assurance. Our people are highly self-motivated and have a huge passion for delivering quality products to the customers.

We have designed an automated tool (GePS) to auto-paginate articles and generate XMLs conforming to JATS 1.0 validation. Basically, we typeset articles using high-end MS-word and Latex, with inbuilt templates in line with journal specifications and provide final output in the form of PDF and XML.

Moreover, we perform independent copyediting services for a minimum cost and offer a free copyedit sample for customer satisfaction initially. Ultimately, we have the best copyeditors with high service quality to meet the customer needs.


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